Land Development Plan Dortmund Zickenbrink


  • Project Description

    A land development plan for land in Dortmund divided into several parts was to be created in order to receive planning permission.The area is to house high quality urban architecture and will be sold to buyers at a later stage.


    Project data

    Planning: Architektur, Stadtplanung, Stadtentwicklung, Dortmund, Düsseldorf

    Start: October 2004

    Completion: February 2010    

    Land area: ca. 17.500m²  



  • Scope of work

    The first step was to gain local authority agreement to develop the land in negotiations with the City of Dortmund. A land development plan was developed to facilitate the planning permission and execution of the construction works. The plan stipulated the construction of 25 high quality city houses.


    An analysis and survey report of the soil and an environmental impact study were carried out to examine the properties of the land with regard to any possibly soil contamination.  Special attention was paid during the planning process to conserving the existing trees.



  • Contracted services and service phases

    Project Development / Project Management


    1. Organisation management, documentation
    2. Quality and quantity
    3. Cost management, financing     
    4. Deadline management, specific and general time planning, control and     management
    5. Contract management



    1. Project preparation
    2. Planning
    3. Preparation of execution
    4. Execution
    5. Project completion