Contract, Change and Claim Management

In construction projects a variety of contracts are necessary, for example for land purchase, construction contracts, through to contracts for operating companies. Contracts ensure that the rights and duties of each contractual party are clearly defined.


In contract management we support the client prior to the contractual agreement. This is done with the aid of tenders and contract awards for planning, delivery and building services. In the case of public works the regulations governed by public law must be observed.



In change management we support the client during the course of the project. During the project circumstances may occur which require an amendment to the original contract. In order to manage the changes effectively and profitably, it is highly important to have comprehensive documentation of all processes relevant to the quality and a well-founded knowledge of the construction contract regulations - as well as to keep a continual check on the contracts.


In claim management we support the client in preparing and executing his claims, if there are no possibilities to find a solution for an amicable settlement. We ascertain the extent of the discrepancy between the services actually rendered and the services originally contracted and support you, the Client, when selecting external lawyers.

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