Execution of Tenders

Since 1997 public as well as private clients on the same level are required to use the Regulations for Consultant Services (VgV) when tendering service contracts over a value of € 200,000.


What advantages does a VgV process have for you?


Right in the application phase the best companies are filtered out with the aid of an evaluation matrix. In this way we can ensure that the tenderer is qualified for the service required. The competitive process will result in fee savings within the parameters of the fee structure (HOAI) and a VgV tender process is integrated into the schedule.


The VgV process is of course also an excellent instrument for private construction projects to assess the quality of the planning office.

For private or institutional clients we take on the control and execution for tenders for architectural services, town planning and open space planning.


We support you in preparing and executing the whole VgV tender process.

  • Definition of the scope
  • Writing the public notice
  • Creating the evaluation matrix
  • Compiling and sending out the tender documents.
  • Evaluation of the offers
  • Preparing the negotiation discussions and assisting their execution
  • Execution of the negotiation results
  • Taking the minutes for the negotiations
  • Preparing the contract for the client

Writing and sending out the contract award notice

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