Project Leadership

„He who wants to live up to his leadership role must have enough common sense to give the right jobs to the right people, and enough self-discipline not to get in the way of their work.“

attributed to Theodore Roosevelt

Building projects are characterized by co-operative team orientated work. The task of the Project Leadership is to lead and co-ordinate the project team. For this task good communication skills and a good knowledge of organising and leading is necessary.

A project can be divided into four general phases

1. Definition

We help you to clarify your goals and examine the feasibility and commercial viability of the project. The first phase should result in agreeing the project assignment. .

2. Planning

In this phase the individual activities and their timing are determined. Any possible problems must be identified and solved before they occur.

3. Implementation

We are the link between you and your project team. Success comes from exchanging information and supplying information which can be relied upon. We continually check the progress of the project

4. Finish

We assist you competently in the Acceptance process for the result of the project. We focus on ensuring the transfer of know-how and the re-integration of the participants.

Our society supports you from the first idea for a project to the finish of the works and take on your planning, steering, co-ordination and controlling tasks.

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