Project Steerling

On the one hand „Project Steering“ is generally defined as the steering of a certain project, but has a firm definition in the Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers in construction. (HOAI)


Article 31 – Project Steering – defines project steering as services by suppliers „when they take on the functions of the customer in steering projects with several areas of specialisation“.


The HOAI includes the following in this function


1. Clarification of the assignment, creating and co-ordinating the programme for the entire project,


2. Clarification of the pre-requisites for the use of planners and other specialists involved in the plannin


3. Setting up and supervising the organisation plans, time schedules and payment plans in relation to the project and the project participants,


4. Co-ordinating and controlling the project participants, with the exception of the companies executing the project,

5. Preparing and managing the participation of those affected by the planning


6. Updating the planning goals and clarifying conflicting goals


7. Continually informing the customer on the project status and obtaining decisions from the customer in a timely fashion


8. Co-ordinating and controlling of the handling of the financing, subsidy and authorisation procedures.


Project steering is the task of the owner and therefore according to HOAI clearly differentiated from the responsibility of a general management company.

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