Construction of Management Offices for Grünenthal


  • Grünenthal Logo
  • Project Description

    To merge the management is built on the premises of the company Grünenthal GmbH in Aachen-Eilendorf a new office building for 600 employees in two phases.


    Project data

    Planning: Pape Architecture, Cologne

    Start of planning: March 2007

    Completion: September 2009

    Gross Floor Area: 19,000 m²

    Total construction cost: € 36 million gross






  • Scope of work

    The main task of the Project Management is to manage the planning, the tender and the construction work so that the high architectural quality and the given cost parameters are guaranteed.


    Another important project goal is to ensure the optimum development of the constuction stages taking the user‘s requirements and the technical parameters into account.


    The new Management Building will be integrated into the newly formed high-quality external facilities on the existing company site.  



  • Contracted services and service phases

    Project Management

    Definition of the scope of work / Qualitiy control by the client


    1. Organisation management, documentation
    2. Qualities and quantities
    3. Cost management, financing    
    4. Schedule management, controlling and steering
    5. Contract management



    1. Project preparation
    2. Planning
    3. Preparation of execution
    4. Execution
    5. Project finish