Conversion of Package Handling Building


  • Project Description

    The former German Post package handling centre was converted into a multi-purpose building on behalf of the City of Düsseldorf.


    Project data

    Architects: ABK Düsseldorf; HPP Düsseldorf

    Planning start: October 2006    

    Completion: December 2009

    Total construction costs: 60.8m. EUR incl. VAT

    Gross floor space: 37.000 m²



  • Scope of work

    The building complex with an area of 37.000 square metres was to be made available to multi-purpose use within the framework of a leasing contract by the City of Düsseldorf. Three rehearsal stages, a studio stage and a workshop area for the theatre were planned for construction.  In addition the building was to house the archives from several museums, public offices, a travel centre as well as a bus station. For this complex project the users’ specifications had to be aligned with the authorities concerned and integrated into the planning as well as the execution of the project.


    During the execution phase it was of utmost importance to ensure that the limited time and budgetary resources were not exceeded.



    Bei der Umsetzung kam es vor allem darauf an, das begrenzte Termin- und Kostenbudget nicht zu überschreiten. 

  • Contracted services and service phases

    Project Management /

    Supervision / Project Leadership/

    Project Steering


    1. Organisation management,  documentation,
    2. Qualities and quantities
    3. Cost management, financing
    4. Schedule management, controlling and steering
    5. Contract management



      2.  Planning

      3.  Preparation of execution  

      4.  Execution  

      5.  Project finish