New build - Gymnasium Broich


  • Project description

    The action to be carried out is a new building replacement for an independent building belonging to the  Gymnasium Broich secondary school. The existing building will be demolished after the works have been completed.


    Project data

    Design: Plan Forward GmbH

    Commencement: August 2011

    Completion: August 2013

    Gross Floor Area: 5000 m²

    Total construction cost: € 9.5 million gross



    Gesamtbaukosten: 9,5 Mio. Euro brutto

  • Task definition and required output

    The space allocation plan for the new building is based on the existing building that is to be replaced. The qualities of the replacement new building correspond to those of the already-renovated main building of the school.


    In addition, the Leonhard-Stinnes Foundation’s funding guidelines with regard to the educational and energety concepts for the replacement new building must be taken into account. The dates of the works will be coordinated with the users and the requirements of the school calendar.

    The new building includes 29 classrooms for the younger classes, 2 art rooms with corresponding preparation rooms, a music room and practice rooms as well as a cafeteria with a kitchen for warming food and a tuck shop.



  • Contracted services and work phases

    Project steering


    1. Organisational management, documentation
    2. Quality and quantities
    3. Cost management, funding
    4. Schedule management, framework, detailed scheduling, steering and controlling
    5. Contract management



    1. Project preparation
    2. Planning
    3. Preparation for implementation