Remodelling of leisure pool ‘Düsselstrand’


  • Project description

    The measure implemented included the reconstruction and refurbishment of the leisure pool ‘Düsselstrand’. The renovation was necessary because it suffered extensive tiles damage and leaks in the pool and on the walls in the course of renovation work. In addition to the known losses from 2007, the damage pattern was intensified due to the uncovered hidden construction defects.


    Project data

    Planning: Geising + Boker GmbH

    Architects: BDA

    Commencement: January 2012

    Completion: May 2012

    Gross Floor Area: 4,000 m²

    Total construction cost: € 1.5 million gross



    Gesamtbaukosten: 1,5 Mio. Euro brutto

  • Task definition and required output

    The work on the leisure pool Düsselstrand includes technical renovation of the tiles in the various swimming pools, the redesign of shower and changing room areas as well as the creation of a new play area by redevelopment of a former swimming channel. Due to ongoing planning during the construction phase and proactive project management, any disruption to the normal operating of the swimming could be kept as short as possible and the defined budget could be upheld.



  • Contracted services and work phases

    Project steering


    1. Organisational management,  documentation
    2. Quality and quantities
    3. Cost management, funding
    4. Schedule management, framework and detailed scheduling, steering and controlling
    5. Contract management




    1. Project preparation
    2. Planning
    3. Preparation for implementation
    4. Implementation
    5. Project conclusion