Power supplies for Ericsson Herzogenrath


  • Project Description

    Herzogenrath is an important location for the Ericsson Group with ca. 1.000 software developers.

    The growth of power supply and cooling requirements made an optimisation of the existing technology commercially necessary.


    Project data

    Planning:    Bohne Ingenieure, Düsseldorf

    Start: September 2005

    Completion: April 2006

    Number of test plants: 5

    Total construction costs: 800.000 EUR incl. VAT



  • Scope of work

    A shortage in the cooling supply and cooling load was detected during a check on the equipment. This was compensated by an additional cooling system for the test plants.  


    The hydraulic system was optimised in addition to the extension of the cooling supply and the power supply and the central building control system was upgraded.


    The execution of these measures during the last quarter of 2005 made the provisional cooling system unnecessary in the following years.



  • Contracted services and service phases

    Project Management / Project Leadership / Project Steering


    1. Organisation management,  documentation
    2. Quality and quantity
    3. Cost management, financing
    4. Deadline management, specific and general time planning, control and
    5. management
    6. Contract management



    1. Project preparation
    2. Planning
    3. Preparation of execution
    4. Execution
    5. Project completion