[Übersetzen nach: UK] Neubau Testplant STP 2.1 EDD/X Ericsson


  • Project Description

    New test labs to develop the expanding mobile network technology were equipped in the research centre EDD belonging to the Ericsson group.


    Project data

    Planning: Petersen Ingenieure, Flensburg    Construction start: August  2004

    Completion: October 2004

    Total floor Space: 600 m²

    Total construction costs: 1.1m EUR incl. VAT

  • Scope of work

    One 600 square meter floor which had been previously used for offices was completely stripped to make room for the technical equipment of a test plant. The works were completed with the help of the following technical concepts:

    • extension of the ventilation and cooling system;
    • development of a spatial concept with a control room;
    • complete air-conditioning;
    • implementation of an access control concept;
    • design and implementation of an Inergen fire extinguishing system;
    • construction of a leakage monitoring system as well as integration in process measuring and control technology.
  • Contracted services and service phases

    Project management


    1. Organisation management, documentation
    2. Quality and quantity
    3. Cost management, financing
    4. Deadline management, specific and general time  planning, control and   management
    5. Contract management




    1. Project preparation
    2. Planning
    3. Preparation of execution
    4. Execution
    5. Project completion