Reconstruction and modernisation of a townhouse located at Schwanenmarkt


  • Project description

    Located in the prestigious Schwanenmarkt district in Düsseldorf, the townhouse was built in 1835 in the style of late classicism and is now being extensively renovated and modernised.


    Project data

    Planning: Architectural firm Hector 3, Düsseldorf

    Commencement: March 2010

    Completion: December 2011

    Gross Floor Area: 430 m²

    Total Budget: € 1.55 million gross




  • Task definition and required output

    The townhouse is a listed building and has been remodelled several times over the past decades, including being extended with a three-story annex in the courtyard.


    Due to a renovations backlog, there are extensive refurbishments to be carried out on the static and structural components, which must be done in accordance with historic preservation and fire protection requirements.


    Two exclusive apartments in the higher price range, measuring 180 m² each in floor area, will be created out of the currently existing four units. The period of time required just for construction work is 9 months, the prescribed budget and time frame can be adhered to.



  • Contracted services and work phases

    Project management


    1. Organisational management,  documentation
    2. Quality and quantities
    3. Cost management, funding
    4. Schedule management, framework and detailed scheduling, steering and  controlling
    5. Contract management



    1. Project preparation
    2. Planning
    3. Preparation for implementtion
    4. Implementation
    5. Project conclusion