Renovation Concept Kiefernstrasse


  • Project Description

    The old workers’ apartments in Kiefernstrasse were in urgent need of renovation. Since the squatters lived there in the 80s a huge backlog of renovation work had been building up.  



    Start: January 2006           

    Completion: December 2006

    Number of appartments: 250

    Total floor space: 18.500m²



  • Scope of work

    The 250 apartments were comprehensively renovated over a period of several years. The first step was to develop an appropriate renovation concept based on the initial survey.


    After this the suggestions were discussed with the owner, the city of Düsseldorf and the management company, the city housing association, and the individual renovation works were determined.


    A cost and time schedule as well as a cost calculation were produced based on the agreed catalogue of measures.



  • Contracted services and service phases

    Project Steering


    1. Review of the situation
    2. General conditions for structural engineering and indoor technical systems
    3. Assessment of the construction inspection
    4. Interdependencies with planning permissions
    5. Cost and schedule concept / Cost calculation
    6. Catalogue of measures for the renovation concept