Günnewig Hotel Stadtpalais


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  • Project description

    The company Günnewig Hotels & Restaurants took over the Günnewig Hotel Stadtpalais Cologne in May 2010 despite many shortcomings and work still outstanding.

    The lessor, as well as the general contractor appointed by the lessor, has since become insolvent.


    Project data

    Planning:     Pott Architects, Berlin

    Commencement:     May 2011

    Completion:     June 2011

    Gross Floor Area:     10,899 m²



  • Task definition and required output

    As the basis for the further use of the property, it is planned to record the current status of existing faults and the remaining works required, and to assess these in monetary terms.


    Establishment of a database for the recording of findings, implementation of inspections for the complete recording of existing defects and residual works. Monetary valuation of the deficiencies and the remaining works to be carried out, representation of the deficiencies in a database, consulting with the client regarding the involvement of specialised experts to carry out in-depth technical considerations, consulting with the client on how to proceed.




  • Contracted services and work phases

    Project management


    1. Organisational management, documentation
    2. Quality and quantities
    3. Cost management, funding
    4. Schedule management, framework and detailed scheduling, steering and  controlling



       4.   Implementation